Skills and Capability

Right people, right place, right time !

We are a leading innovator in the field of human capital measurement and performance improvement. The authors of Human Capability Analytics (HCA) with a specialism in workforce re-alignment, we are uniquely positioned to help you release measurable performance gains from your people - from how and where you use them, through to why - and to do so in a legal, auditable and fully compliant way.

Building and maintaining the right level and mix of human resources is a constant challenge - companies recruit, train, manage and then lose capable people quite often with disappointing commercial results. Aligning your people with organisational objectives and strategy in a timely manner is our objective - we do this by enabling management to effect positive change by giving them the tools to help actively connect the workforce to these objectives.

Ergon digital works across organisations and at all levels - our solutions are built to match your business needs and objectives, and are applied in numerous areas, for example -

  • Aligning workforce with strategy for improved corporate performance

  • Developing and transitioning to a ‘digital ready’ workforce

  • Skills transformation

  • Reducing the risk and cost of TUPE and M&A work

  • Development and deployment of skills and competency frameworks

  • Making training more applicable and cost effective

  • Improved people resource planning

  • Skills and knowledge management by individual, team and virtual

  • Enabling individuals to better manage their skills

  • TNA for organisational change e.g. application deployment readiness

  • Reducing the risks and costs in recruitment

  • Maximising contractor and consultant employment value

With our Human Capability approach, we provide organisations with the framework and the tools to create and maintain competitive advantage through their human capital resources - we know a lot about skills management, but nobody knows your business better than you do!