Digital and Agile

As organisations strive to move away from legacy applications, traditional service delivery and associated ways of working towards the digital future, a whole host of new challenges are emerging.

Ergon digital is well placed to assist you in driving the digital transformation within your organisation, helping you to understand the shifts (behavioural, operational, social) that digital transformation brings, and translating these fundamental changes into business impacts at the policy, organisation and individual level. We work with you to maintain the essential alignment between the digital agenda and the organisation’s business goals and strategy to ensure both contribute jointly to overall goals, but at all times being aware that this requires constant iteration in an environment of rapid technology change, one where disruptive innovation can bring massive benefits to those ready to embrace it.

We can help you in a number of ways during your transformation journey –

  • Identify cultural, strategic and tactical business issues

  • Align digital and technology strategies with business goals for the organisation

  • Ensure our public sector customers follow the government digital agenda

  • Provide digital leadership

  • Manage the move from legacy to consumption based service models

  • Develop digital operating models and governance

  • Digital skills transformation

  • Digital service design

  • Agile adoption

  • User research services

Agile – it’s a mindset !

We have in-depth experience of supporting the take-up and measurement of Agile in all its’ forms, whether with a capital ‘A’ or not! Despite the recent hype and a great deal of urban myth that surrounds digital and the need to be agile, we firmly believe that it is as much about mindset as it is about methodology. In our experience, success is not derived solely from study or certification, but by practical agile - ‘learning by doing’.  We offer a number of value focused and meaningful services with measurable outcomes to help organisations and individuals on their journeys -

  • Agile maturity assessment – where are you today?

  • Getting practical and workable agile transformation started

  • Incremental agile capability delivery - kick start agile in specific teams or groups

  • Embedded agile training, coaching, mentoring for all levels

  • Develop an internal network of agile champions

  • Increase collaborative working

  • Support to provide your own internal Agile Certifications

  • Transformation planning with ‘do-ability’ review

  • Agile control and governance models and guidance

The key features of our services are -

  • Not just training and shiny certificates!

  • Guarantees alignment to current Government policies and required approaches

  • De-risks agile transformation

  • Practical agile – learning by doing not just theoretical based

  • Transformation practicalities identified and recommendations identified

  • Combination of workplace, board room and classroom service deliveries

  • You drive the outcomes

And most important of all - Agile becomes part of your organisations DNA