Swiss Payroll Services

Fully legal and compliant instant payroll services

We offer instant and established end-to-end Swiss payroll outsourcing services to support –

  1. Individual consultants who need the on-going support of a compliant work permit and payroll solution ‘in-country’ to enable them to work legally in Switzerland, perhaps in a role they have found and agreed independently

  2. Non- Swiss suppliers such as recruitment agencies or third party companies with no ‘in-country’ presence or without the correct legal status who wish to supply resources to Swiss based organisations

  3. Swiss based companies who wish to outsource the management and control to a third party of the administration and payment of non-headcount resources through a compliant, payroll and administration service

Key facts - Ergon Resources payroll service -

  • Proven long term experience running internal and external payroll services in Switzerland

  • Full compliant and risk free solution

  • No administrative or HR overheads – we provide a complete service

  • Instant service with smooth and easy transition, fully scalable

  • Clear, fixed prices with volume based discount models

  • Additional supporting services (work permit management, insurance, taxation) available