Contract to Hire

Solve the immediate resource problem while looking to the future

Possibly the most flexible and risk free recruitment model, this service offers many advantages to both client and individual alike. Increasing headcount is never without risk, and often budgetary or time of year constraints preclude recruitment activities at the very moment an ideal individual is identified, or perhaps individuals are still deciding whether a permanent career position meets their needs. This solution offers both parties the chance to explore the opportunity, consider their options and decide whether there is a real match.  

Hired initially as a consultant on an assignment basis, and therefore not impacting headcount and without termination issues, both parties maintain the option to complete the initial assignment and then decide whether to continue thereafter, or not. This approach has proved incredibly successful in recent times.

The contract to hire solution -

  • Ideal way for both parties to formalise their understanding of the opportunity

  • No initial need to increase headcount, useful in times of uncertainty

  • Flexibility on contract duration and timing of permanent commencement

  • Permanent recruitment activity can be timed to suit both parties

  • Ergon provide all payroll and related activities

  • All individuals fully supported and legally able to work in Switzerland