What We Offer

We are a multi-service resource solutions company

Clients can mix and match core solutions, combine offers, and work with us to produce tailored services to meet their point in time and longer term needs. Our pricing models are very competitive and are based on building long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Our core portfolio includes -

 Labour Leasing/Contract Recruitment Services

The quickest and most flexible way to supplement your resource or meet capability shortfalls

Whether you need an individual or a team to support a particular peak delivery, specialist skills or capabilities on a short term basis, or a just a flexible ‘virtual’ resource pool available to meet your resourcing needs, we can help.

Ergon Resources provide -

  • Rapid filling of your resource needs with highly qualified specialists

  • Fully legally compliant solutions with no risk

  • Clients and candidates benefit from our network and expertise in the specific sector and the requested skills

  • Flexibility in contract duration to meet  your resource need

  • No need to increase permanent headcount

  • No additional HR administration or management

  • All consultants fully supported and legally able to work in Switzerland

Permanent Recruitment Services

Sourcing long term talent and harnessing potential

Recruiting new employees is never easy, and the competition in Switzerland is particularly strong. Ergon Resources has a high profile in the local recruitment market and access to a wider pool of international talent that enable us to seek the right candidate to meet your requirements. Because we have in-house technical and delivery knowledge, we are able to work with you to define your requirements based on your needs and potential available in the market, and formulate the best strategy to sourcing and fulfilment. We have a number of tools and frameworks available to assist you, and can offer a number of different approaches to candidate acquisition, all aligned not only to your technical requirements, but also the more subtle needs of your company culture and philosophy.

Our services do not stop at the ‘agreement to hire’ point, we work with you to support successful candidates through the transition process, helping them to be ready to add value to your business the day they arrive.

Why chose Ergon Resources -

  • Very good knowledge of the Swiss market and industries

  • Understand the challenges of identifying and attracting key talent

  • Partnership approach to requirements identification and sourcing strategy

  • Broad access to a high quality potential local talent pool

  • Targeted screening and very focused candidate submissions

  • Unique access to international technical know-how in the desired sector

  • International candidates fully supported when coming to Switzerland

Contract to Hire

Solve the immediate resource problem while looking to the future

Possibly the most flexible and risk free recruitment model, this service offers many advantages to both client and individual alike. Increasing headcount is never without risk, and often budgetary or time of year constraints preclude recruitment activities at the very moment an ideal individual is identified, or perhaps individuals are still deciding whether a permanent career position meets their needs. This solution offers both parties the chance to explore the opportunity, consider their options and decide whether there is a real match.  

Hired initially as a consultant on an assignment basis, and therefore not impacting headcount and without termination issues, both parties maintain the option to complete the initial assignment and then decide whether to continue thereafter, or not. This approach has proved incredibly successful in recent times.

The contract to hire solution -

  • Ideal way for both parties to formalise their understanding of the opportunity

  • No initial need to increase headcount, useful in times of uncertainty

  • Flexibility on contract duration and timing of permanent commencement

  • Permanent recruitment activity can be timed to suit both parties

  • Ergon provide all payroll and related activities

  • All individuals fully supported and legally able to work in Switzerland

Swiss Payroll Services

Fully legal and compliant instant payroll services

We offer instant and established end-to-end Swiss payroll outsourcing services to support –

  1. Individual consultants who need the on-going support of a compliant work permit and payroll solution ‘in-country’ to enable them to work legally in Switzerland, perhaps in a role they have found and agreed independently

  2. Non- Swiss suppliers such as recruitment agencies or third party companies with no ‘in-country’ presence or without the correct legal status who wish to supply resources to Swiss based organisations

  3. Swiss based companies who wish to outsource the management and control to a third party of the administration and payment of non-headcount resources through a compliant, payroll and administration service

Key facts - Ergon Resources payroll service -

  • Proven long term experience running internal and external payroll services in Switzerland

  • Full compliant and risk free solution

  • No administrative or HR overheads – we provide a complete service

  • Instant service with smooth and easy transition, fully scalable

  • Clear, fixed prices with volume based discount models

  • Additional supporting services (work permit management, insurance, taxation) available

Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Management

Remove recruitment risk and focus on core business goals

With the need to focus on core activities and delivering challenging business strategies,  many companies looking to gain competitive advantage in their industry prefer to outsource their recruitment activity to a specialist such as Ergon Resources.

Working closely with you to understand your strategic priorities and tactical needs, we take responsibility for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your recruitment spend, helping you to make leaner and smarter decisions in the acquisition and development of new talent. Our recruitment process outsourcing service allows you to focus on your core competencies, whilst we find you the right talent, on the right basis, be it assignment or permanently based, at the right time and on-board them to meet your growth and delivery plans.

Why outsource with Ergon Resources -

  • Focus on your core business speciality

  • Guarantee compliance and reduce risk

  • Cost effective consumption based charging models

  • Remove administrative burden and drive efficiency gains

  • Reduce overall recruitment spend

  • Boost staff morale, performance and retention