Contracting In Switzerland

In general, we can say that working in our country is very attractive as Switzerland pays interesting rates, has a very competitive taxation situation, and offers an excellent quality of life.

If you are a Swiss national, then you already know these advantages and can benefit from our services in a timely manner with minimal complication.

For the non-Swiss there are a few differences to what you might not be used to – most importantly, you will need a work permit to take up a permanent or temporary assignment.

For temporary roles, working as a contractor through a non-Swiss limited company is not possible in Switzerland. However, Ergon Resources are a registered and fully licensed Swiss company, so it is easy to work with us - we arrange the best commercial solution to meet your needs, manage your work permit and all administration, and then we will employ you for the duration of your assignment.

Ergon Resources offers very good compliant employment conditions to help make your stay easy and enjoyable. These include custom expense allowances, reduced social security and tax liabilities, and several options to participate in an attractive tax reducing pension schemes. Switzerland has some of the lowest tax rates in the world to start with, but we can help you be as legal and efficient as possible while you are here.

We are always happy to discuss the options and answer any questions you may have – just email or give us a call for an informal chat.

Work permits

Switzerland is not a member of the EU, and has its own rules. To work in Switzerland, you need to obtain a work permit that is awarded to applicants depending on their nationality, their skill set and Swiss quotas.

EU/EFTA nationals

There is an agreement between Switzerland and the EU/EFTA countries, making the work permits for their nationals easily accessible, as well as for the members of their families (spouse and children). EU/EFTA nationals can start working in Switzerland up to 90 days without a work permit. This entails you can come here, start working and ask for your work permit once you have arrived.

Other nationals

It is very difficult to apply for work permits for people who are not nationals of EU/ EFTA-countries. It will be only possible to receive a work permit for citizens of other countries when they have very rare special skills and experience, and this will be very much the exception. Also, non EU/EFTA nationals would need to have a valid work permit before staring a professional activity in Switzerland, and this can be a very long and drawn out process.

Types of permits

  • L permit: short-term, less than 12 months

  • B permit: mid to long-term, over 12 months

  • G permit: border crossers (residents in the border area of an adjacent country)

  • C permit: permanent residence (after having lived 5 years in Switzerland)

For more information on the Swiss work permits and rules - Swissinfo-work permits

More general information about coming to work to Switzerland - Entry & Residence